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Basic Knowledge

What are the general factors of inverter failure

Time: 2020-12-18

1. The cause of the inverter failure has a lot to do with the production environment, mainly as follows:

A.Corrosive gas caused by inverter failure. There are corrosive gases in the workshops of some chemical manufacturers. These gases may be one of the reasons for the inverter failure.

The details are as follows:
·Corrosive gas caused the toggle switch and the poor contact of the relay caused the inverter to malfunction
·A short circuit between the crystals caused by corrosive gas may cause inverter failure.
·Corrosion of terminals causes short-circuit of the main circuit, causing inverter failure
·Inverter failure caused by short circuit between various components caused by circuit board corrosion

B. Inverter failure caused by metal and other conductive dust and dust. Such factors that cause inverter failures mainly exist in dusty production enterprises such as mines, cement processing, and construction sites.

·Excessive conductive dust such as metal causes a short circuit in the main circuit, which may cause inverter failure.
·The temperature of the cooling fins filled with dust is too high to cause tripping and burnout, resulting in inverter failure.

C. Condensation, humidity, moisture, and high temperature cause the inverter to malfunction. These factors leading to inverter failure are mainly due to the weather or the special environment of the place of use.

·Discoloration of the gate due to moisture, resulting in poor contact and causing inverter failure.
·The inverter trips due to overheating due to high temperature
·The frequency converter malfunctions due to the spark between the copper plates of the main circuit board due to moisture.
·Moisture causes electric corrosion in the internal resistance of the inverter, and the disconnection leads to inverter failure
·Condensation in the insulating paper causes discharge breakdown, which leads to inverter failure.

2.Inverter failure caused by human factors is mainly caused by inaccurate model selection and inaccurate use of parameters.

A. Inaccurate selection of the inverter will cause the inverter to be overloaded and cause the inverter to malfunction

B. The parameters are not adjusted to the best use state, so that the inverter frequently trips protection such as overcurrent and overvoltage, which causes the inverter to age in advance and malfunction