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Basic Knowledge

Maintenance of Air Filters

Time: 2021-01-29

The operating environment of the air compressor in the manufacturing industry is different under different working conditions. The air contains dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic compounds, grit and other fine dust particles. During the operation of the air compressor, the air enters the host through the air filter. , Therefore, the air filter has become the first line of defense of the air compressor system

What is an air filter

The air compressor filter is composed of an air filter assembly and a filter element. The outside is connected to the intake valve of the air compressor through a joint and a threaded pipe to filter the dust, particles and other impurities in the air.

Working principle of air filtration

The particulate pollutants suspended in the air are composed of solid or liquid particles. Atmospheric dust can be divided into narrow atmospheric dust and general atmospheric dust: atmospheric dust in a narrow sense refers to solid particles in the atmosphere, that is, real dust; the modern concept of atmospheric dust includes both solid particles and polydisperse aerosols of liquid particles. It refers specifically to suspended particles in the atmosphere with a particle size of less than 10μm, which is the generalized atmospheric dust.
For particles larger than 10μm, because they are heavier, after a period of irregular Brownian motion, they will gradually sink to the ground under the action of gravity, which is the main target of ventilation and dust removal; 0.1---10μm in the atmosphere Dust particles also move irregularly in the air. Because of their light weight, they tend to float with the airflow and are difficult to settle on the ground. Therefore, the concept of atmospheric dust in air cleaning technology is different from the concept of dust in general dust removal technology.
Air filtration technology mainly adopts filtration and separation methods: by setting filters with different performances, the suspended dust particles and microorganisms in the air are removed, that is, the dust particles are trapped and retained by the filter material to ensure the cleanliness requirements of the air volume.

Air filtration and classification

The first line of defense to keep the air clean, to prevent air particles and impurities from entering the air compressor with the best filtration efficiency and minimum resistance, generally including
Vertical air filter:Composed of shell, various filter joints and filter elements, compact structure
Horizontal air filter:Anti-collision plastic shell, will not rust, large air volume, high filtration efficiency

The installation position of the air filter

The air filter is located at the front end of the air inlet valve, and the air inlet is connected to the air inlet pipe. The air filter to be installed is selected according to the air inlet volume.

What are the characteristics of high-quality air filter

The filtration efficiency is high, which effectively guarantees the reliable operation of the air compressor
Low air intake resistance, providing enough air for the air compressor
The ash storage capacity is strong, which reduces the maintenance times of the air filter and reduces the use cost.
Elang's air filter filter material is pure imported filter material. The entire process is manufactured in an intelligent production and dust-free factory. Each air filter has been tested to ensure excellent quality
Elang's air filter can effectively filter out dust, sand, oil mist and other impurities suspended in the ambient air, avoiding premature wear of the screw rotor or premature blockage of the oil filter and oil and gas separator; filtration accuracy ≤10μm, filtration effect
Elang air filter can prolong the service life of the oil, thereby greatly reducing the overall operating cost and avoiding losses such as shortened maintenance periods and machine damage