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Basic Knowledge

Low pressure air compressors

Time: 2019-04-30


Nowadays low pressure air compressors widely used in textile industrial ,especially in air jet looms and texturing machine.
Today we set an example of how customer using our Elang low pressure compressor to save energy .
In many countries ,people still think they need 6-10bar even 3 bar can meet they required ,our customer also use 8 bar compressor for their texturzing machine and need to bear much electrial fee too . We introduce much about the low pressure ,but they seldom believe it is enough to only have a 3 bar machine .
They decided to have a 4 bar as a try .
In order to give the best solution ,we invite customer to visit our customer who use 132kw 3 bar compressor for the same model machine .
After checking all the detail of the same factory ,he believe 3bar is enough and revise the order to be 3bar .
After they received the machine ,compressor run well at 2.7bar for the 3 sets texturzing machines with 720 nozzels ,power consumption save much .
if you have the same concern ,we'd like to offer you the custom made Air comrpessor,give you the suitable solution .