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Basic Knowledge

Learning After-sales of Screw Air Compressor in Factory

Time: 2018-12-21

In order to provide professional solution and best service for all the customersElang international department learning compressor in workshop for total two days!

In these days, we learned many knowledge from engineer:

Oil screw air compressor:

1,when meet compressor alarm

 a: phase wrong

 b: excess temperature

 c: high pressure working or pressure instability

2,maintain compressor

 a: change oil of oil-gas tank

 b: add oil to oil-gas tank

 c: add oil to air end

 d: change air filter element /  oil filter element / oil-gas separator element.

Oil-free screw air compressor:

1,how to install oil-free compressor.

2,how to change water

3,The function of various accessories

If your compressor meet these problem, please contact us freely,the best solution will be provided timely.