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How to Proceed the Daily Maintenance for Air Compressor in Summer

Time: 2020-08-19

Summer is the season when compressor comes with high failure rate. High temperature shutdown and high temperature failure will affect the normal operation of air compressor, and affect the production. So the daily maintenance is very important to cut down the failure rate, please see following steps:

1. Check whether the drain valve and drain pipe is in good working condition. Higher humidity in summer will produce more condensate water, and drains will need to handle additional water flow.

3. Clean or replace the compressor filter element. Dirty and blocked filters will cause the pressure drop, but clean filters reduce energy consumption.

4. Ventilate your compressor room properly. Mainly in summer, it is important to discharge the hot air outside the compressor room.

5. If you use water cooled compressor, adjust the inlet water pressure, water flow and temperature of the water entering the compressor to reduce overheating. These are the details of air compressor daily maintenance in summer. Pay attention to daily maintenance can reduce the failure rate of compressor, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.

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