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Basic Knowledge

Energy Saving Comparison between Fix Speed Air Compressor and Variable Speed Air Compressor

Time: 2021-11-29

Fix speed VS Variable Speed:

1. How to save energy?
Elang variable Frequency start, reducing the energy consumption of air compressor start, a substantial reduction in starting current and maximum power load, saving a lot of electricity, allowing unlimited start and stop, and does not affect the motor life.

Fix speed VS Variable Speed

The increasing purchase cost is generally recovered within 1 year!


2. Example: Rated power 90kW Elang screw air compressor:
If compressor is working at 24hours a day, 350 days a year. Let electricity payment is 0.16USD per KW/H, SF=1.2:
Normal screw compressor has two losses:
A. Unload loss
B. Pressure loss

Calculation as follows:

A. Unload loss=25% unloading time*The loss of the current load during no-load time (45%):
Unload loss=0.25*(0.45*1.2*90*24*350)*0.16= 16329.6 USD/Year

B.Pressure loss=75% loading time* The loss of the pressure loss during load and unload (2bar pressure loss/ energy consumption around 14%)
Pressure loss=0.75*(0.14*1.2*90*24*350)*0.16=15240.96USD/Year

Total cost savings: 16329.6+15240.96=31570.56 USD/Year
Total cost of normal 90kw air compressor: Cost of 75% loading time + Cost 25% unloading time =0.75*1.2*90*24*350*0.16+0.25*0.45*1.2*90*24*350*0.16=125193.6 USD/Year

Power saving reached:31570.56/125193.6=25.2%(pls note the actual electricity saving percentage is according to the compressor working conditions)