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Basic Knowledge

Daily Maintenance of Air Dryer

Time: 2020-12-29

1.Observation record

A:Observe and record the meter value 4 times per shift

·The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the compressed air does not exceed 0.035Mpa
·Evaporation pressure gauge 0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa; high pressure pressure gauge 1.2Mpa-1.6Mpa. (Refrigerant R22)
·Compressor operating current and voltage

B:Frequently observe the inlet temperature of the cooling water system and compressed air system

·Cooling water temperature 2~32℃; ambient temperature 2~38℃
·Water pressure 0.2~0.4Mpa; flow rate not less than 0.15T/m³.h
·The inlet temperature of compressed air should generally be ≤45°C (it is advisable to touch the inlet pipe by hand to not be hot), except for special exceptions.

C:Frequently observe the refrigeration system

·Touch the compressor by hand at least once a day. Normally it is cold and frosty
·The temperature difference between the two sides of the filter drier is touched by hand every week, and the temperature difference should not be too large (the inlet is hot and the outlet is cold, and it needs to be replaced);
·The cold-drying machine should always observe the drainage and sewage system. The float drainer should be cleaned once a week; the sewage pipe should be discharged once a week. Keep the drainage system open at all times to prevent water accumulation
·If you find abnormal sound or hotness from the compressor, contact the after-sales service department as soon as possible


A:Enough space

Ventilation and heat dissipation should be ensured around the wind condenser, and it cannot work under direct sunlight. The wind condenser needs to be regularly blown off the dust on its heat sink with compressed air (from the inside to the outside, the flow of compressed air for cleaning, The pressure should not be too high, try to avoid crushing the fin surface of the condenser, so as to achieve the best heat dissipation effect

B:Auto drain cleaning

·Close the ball valve in front of the drain, loosen the fixing screw on the drain, and release the compressed air in the drain
·Unscrew the drain cover, then take out the drain core and clean it with water and a soft brush
·After cleaning, put it back as it is, and open the front ball valve.
Note: The importance of the drainage system: When the condensed water is removed from the dryer, it cannot be drained in time. The air flow rate brings the condensed water out of the dryer to the user's air point, so that the air source contains water.

C:Cleaning of Y-type filter.

The Y-type filter in front of the cooling water inlet and the automatic drain will accumulate impurities after being used for a period of time. The former increases the water flow resistance and affects the water flow, and the latter makes the drainage clogged. The filter element should be cleaned regularly. And replacement. The newly installed equipment needs to be inspected and cleaned frequently due to dirty pipelines

D:Electronic drain cleaning method

·Close the ball valve in front of the automatic drain;
·Loosen the upper fixing nut and take out the timing coil. During the cleaning process, the coil should never be in contact with water, otherwise the coil will burn
·Pull out the hose, loosen the drain valve body, and vent the compressed air in the drain
·Remove the valve core and wipe clean
·Screw the valve body back to its original position, open the front ball valve slightly, use compressed air to drain impurities, water and oil in the drainage system; wipe the valve body with a rag
·Put the spool and timing coil back in place; then install the hose and open the front ball valve

E: The cooling water should be kept clean

The Y-type filter is cleaned once every half month, and the water quality is good once a month; the water condenser is cleaned once a year (depending on the water quality), and the air condenser is cleaned once a month
Cleaning of water condenser. Shell and tube water condenser cleaning: close the cooling water inlet and outlet, open the end cap of the unconnected water pipe, the outside of the end cap and the gasket only need to be cleaned with water; the inside of the copper pipe is cleaned with gas, water or a stick with a rag; cleaning Attention should be paid not to apply too much force to avoid breaking the internal copper pipe

F:Cleaning the dryer

Use a clean towel to wipe off oil and dust on the surface of the equipment regularly. Remove the dust and oil stains on the ground and install the cold dryer, and keep the environment tidy.

3.Maintenance and overhaul

When the air pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the precision filter reaches 0.05 MPa or reaches its service life, the inner filter element of the air filter needs to be replaced; the normal service life of the filter element: 6000-8000 hours; (the first installation and commissioning use three months to replace the tube Road filter
Temperature probes, drains, solenoid valves and other vulnerable parts need to be spare parts
Develop a maintenance plan, check the dryer fasteners, motor insulation, and circulation system for leaks.