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Basic Knowledge

Air compressor troubleshooting reference table

Time: 2021-07-26

If an abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation of the air compressor, the cause of the fault must be immediately found out, the fault must be eliminated immediately, and it can be used after repair. Do not continue to use it blindly and cause unpredictable losses.

Air compressor troubleshooting reference table

Failure phenomenon

Possible cause

Elimination methods and countermeasures

Air compressor cannot start

1.Blown fuse

Ask an electrician to repair and replace

2.Start electrical failure

3.Poor contact of start button

4.Poor circuit connection

5.Voltage is too low

6.Motor failure

7.Air end failure (the air end has abnormal sound, and the part is hot)

8.Power phase loss

9.Fan motor overload

The running current is high, the air compressor will automatically stop (the main motor overheating alarm)

1.Voltage is too low

1.Ask an electrician to check

2.Exhaust pressure is too high

2.Check/adjust pressure parameters

3.Oil and gas separator blocked

3.Replace with new parts

4.Compressor air end failure

4.Body disassembly and inspection

5.circuit failure

5.Ask an electrician to check

Exhaust temperature is lower than normal requirements

1.Temperature control valve malfunction

1.Repair and clean or replace the spool

2.Unloaded for too long

2.Increase gas consumption or shut down

3.Exhaust gas temperature sensor malfunction

3.Check and replace

4. The intake valve is out of order and the intake port is not fully opened

4.Clean and replace

If the exhaust temperature is too high, the air compressor will automatically stop (alarm if the exhaust temperature is too high)

1.Insufficient lubricating oil

1.Check added oil

2.Lubricant specification/model is wrong

2.Replace with new oil as required

3.Oil filter is clogged

3.Check and replace with new parts

4.The oil cooler is blocked or the surface is dirty

4.Check cleaning

5.Temperature sensor failure

5.Replace with new parts

6.Temperature control valve out of control

6.Check and clean, replace with new parts

7.Excessive dust collection in fans and coolers

7.Remove and clean, blow clean

8.Fan motor is not running

8.Check circuit and fan motor

Exhaust gas contains high oil content

1.Damaged oil separator

1.Replace with new parts

2.One-way oil return valve blocked

2.Clean the one-way valve

3.Excessive lubricating oil

3.Discharge part of the cooling oil

The air compressor displacement is lower than the normal requirement

1.Air filter is clogged

1.Blow off impurities or replace with new parts

2.Oil and gas separator blocked

2.Replace with new parts

3.Solenoid valve leaks

3.Clean or replace with new parts

4.Leakage of air line components

4.Check repair

5.The belt is slipping or too loose

5.Replace with new parts, tension the belt

6.The intake valve cannot be fully opened

6.Clean and replace damaged parts

Spit oil from the air filter after shutdown

The check valve spring in the intake valve fails or the check valve sealing ring is damaged

Replace damaged components

Safety valve action jet

1.The safety valve is used for a long time and the spring is fatigued

1.Replace or reset

2.Oil and gas separator blocked

2.Replace with new parts

3.Pressure control failure, high working pressure

3.Check and reset