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Basic Knowledge

Air compressor filtering failure

Time: 2020-12-25

1. Screw compressor exhaust with dust

The cause of dust in the exhaust is the failure of the dust filter in the pipeline or the secondary pollution in the conveying pipeline.
(1)In the field of pharmaceutical preparations, compared with the field of bulk drugs, process compressed air in the medium to be transported is relatively common, and the concept of "clean & quality" should be considered in an important position in pipelines in the pharmaceutical preparation industry. Especially for the prevention and control of microorganisms, we must strictly abide by the relevant regulations of China GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pipeline requirements. If the product involves export products, it must also comply with the relevant requirements in the US (FDA) and EU GMP.
The following are some requirements and descriptions of China GMP: production equipment must not have any harm to drugs, and the surface of production equipment that directly contacts drugs should be smooth, flat, easy to clean or disinfect, corrosion-resistant, and must not chemically react or adsorb with drugs Drugs, or release substances into drugs that affect product quality and cause harm. The design and installation of various pipelines, lighting facilities, air outlets and other public facilities should avoid parts that are not easy to clean, and should be maintained outside the clean area as much as possible.
(2)The pipeline filter fails, by removing harmful substances such as water, steam, garbage, oil mist, and exhaust gas in the compressed air, it can improve the utilization rate of energy. The so-called hazardous substances refer to used oil, metal flakes, carbon, Teflon flakes, rust in piping, etc. Compressed air mixed with these substances will cause the system to be paralyzed, thereby affecting the normal production process.
The compressed air filter is roughly divided into 5 grades, namely P grade, U grade, H grade, S grade, C grade, respectively represent the following different meanings.
Compressed air filter P grade: pre-cohesive filter, filtration accuracy 3μm;
Compressed air filter U-level: general-purpose filter with a filtration accuracy of 1μm, and the maximum residual oil content is 0.1mg/m3 at 20°C;
Compressed air filter H grade: precision filter, filtration accuracy of 0.01μm, under the conditions of 20℃, the maximum residual oil content is 0.01mg/m3;
Compressed air filter S grade: ultra-precision oil removal filter, filtration accuracy is 0.01μm, under the working condition of 20 ℃, the maximum residual oil content is 0.001mg/m3, used together with the H grade filter;
Compressed air filter Class C: Activated carbon deodorizing filter, which can be used on oil-lubricated compressors. When the working condition is 20℃, the maximum residual oil content is 0.001mg/m3. It is used together with the H-grade filter.

2.There filters of air compressor equipment

(1)The three filters of the lubricating oil system means that the lubricating oil is poured from the lubricating barrel to the lubrication part of the air compressor. It generally needs to be stored and moved several times in the container. In theory, each time the container is changed, it should be filtered once to prevent secondary pollution of impurities. Generally, it needs to go through three levels of filtering, namely, storage filtering, distribution filtering, and filling filtering.
The three filters have certain requirements for the filter used, which can be carried out with reference to the following relevant regulations: 0.28mm for primary filtration, 0.18mm for secondary filtration, and 0.154mm for tertiary filtration. The filters used for cylinder oil and lubricating oil are: 0.45mm for primary filtration, 0.28mm for secondary filtration, and 0.18mm for tertiary filtration. Some special lubricating oils have special requirements for the filter, which shall be implemented in accordance with the special requirements. All lubricating appliances are clearly marked, dedicated for special oil, cleaned regularly, and placed at fixed points in accordance with regulations. Do a good job of lubricating air compressor equipment to keep the equipment in good operating condition and provide guarantee for production.
(2)Three filters in the compressed air conveying pipeline. The three-stage filtration efficiency of the filter has three types: coarse efficiency, medium efficiency and high efficiency. The glass fiber felt is used in the coarse effect, which has the advantages of light weight, compact structure and strong versatility. It is widely used in gas pipeline purification and filtration. Medium-efficiency filtration is mainly based on chemical fiber mixed non-woven filter material. In high efficiency, ultra-fine polypropylene fiber filter media and glass fiber filter paper are mostly used. Ceramics are used as microporous filter materials in precision filtration. These are the gas filtering devices that have been widely used in compressed air delivery pipelines in recent years to meet the high-quality and high-quality compressed air supply requirements proposed by customers and industries.
In short, in the compressed air system, from the filter device of the air compressor equipment to the air pipeline filter of the compressed air delivery system, it is necessary to conduct in-depth communication and analysis with the customer's needs, taking the customer's product and life and health assurance as the starting point. Develop a detailed filtration plan, combine the actual situation on the site, and adopt an effective filtration device to meet customer product requirements.